Wax .

Competitive ribbons for printing variable information on barcode, identification and logistics labels

MRD Series Wax Thermal Transfer films is an economic label printing solution using flat head thermal printers. ARMOR Wax ribbons offer particularly high levels of performance for printing entry-level or coated paper labels.​


MRD1 is the most competitive wax ribbon of the inkanto range. The very high sensitivity of the ink allows printing with low levels of energy with less stress on the printhead. MRD1 is therefore the ideal solution for applications particularly sensitive to the quality/price ratio


  • Receptor multi-compatibility
  • Excellent blackness
  • Competitivity
MRD8 is the standard ribbon from the ARMOR wax range. It doesn’t make any compromise to quality and printing performance and therefore matches all criteria expected by a traditional wax application.


  • Particularly adapted to all kinds of paper substrates
  • Very good sensitivity
  • Excellent blackness
MRD470 is the only ribbon in the world to be coated without using solvents, including for the backcoating. Represents a saving of 365g of CO2 compared to the same ribbon (with average dimensions) produced with a traditional process for the backcoating. MRD470 is well known for its high coverage ability which is essential for printing the rough materials widely used in logistics.


  • Very high smudge resistance
  • Very good printing quality
  • Excellent receptor multi-compatibility and sensitivity
MRD-FH is a resin enhanced wax ribbon. Intrinsically, it is the highest performance wax ribbon of the inkanto range, enabling it to answer the requirements of all wax applications, including the most demanding ones, with very good resistance.
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